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Frequently Asked Questions

- Can you fly the drone anywhere?

Regulations and permissions for drones are in a constant state of evolution with the main consideration being proximity to members of the public and the weight of the drone. With enough time there is normally a way of getting the required permissions to film with a drone.

- What are the costs associated for drone filming?

Whilst every job is different we understand it is helpful for most clients to have a concept of costing as quickly as possible. For our minimum crew of two, our daily fee is £1250 ex VAT. This cost includes all drone equipment, camera and media (shooting to 4k RAW). Be advised costs for travel and accommodation are treated as separate.

- Can you handle post production?

As part of the RD group we have full post production facilities in Covent Garden, London. We have the latest portable post production technology if required to do work in the field. Please get in touch for more information.

- What is your cancellation policy?

Weather has a huge bearing on the feasibility of flying a drone. High winds and rain will both prevent drone flights from happening. It is for this reason that we offer a 48 hour cancellation policy prior to shoot.

- Are you insured and fully licensed?

Our drone team is fully insured and covered to £10m public liability. Our drone pilots are all CAA certified. We always complete risk assessments prior to any project.

Our Way

RD Aerials are happy to flexibly work within your production. Below, we outline all of the services we are happy to offer.


Prior to the shoot we would recommend, wherever possible, that a recce takes place for the desired location. A meeting with the lead creative/director for the shoot is also advisable as well as being part of the pre-production meeting with the producer. Key considerations, such as likely weather, timings and safety issues are all brought up as part of our standard pre-production process. Our production team is also happy to assist in arranging schedules and permissions for the shoot, should that be required.


On site we provide all equipment and crew to capture the desired shots. Our team have filmed all over the world and are happy to travel, rise early and go to bed late to make sure we get the most spectacular footage.

Post Production

We are capable of producing edits on site should turnaround times be tight. Alternatively, we have a full offline and online post production solution in the heart of London at our Covent Garden studio. We work in Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Da Vinci Resolve.